Hello, I am Dr. Tanu. Thank you for visiting my blog.

About Dr Tanu
Hi and Welcome, I am Dr. Tanu, and this blog is my internet home, where you can stay up to date with my personal musings, daily discoveries and my passion for Health, Fashion and Beauty. This blog is built with a hint of inspiration, love for fitness, health and self-improvement.

About Me

Born and raised in Punjab, a successful doctor, philanthropist, young and passionate about healthy life style, traveling and a bit of food enthusiast. On a personal level I am learning and striving to be better with everything I do. My aim is to help you gain clarity and more understanding with Health and Lifestyle. As a curious mind about human potential, I always wanted to find the answer to what exactly makes us happy and fulfilled. I am also passionate about writing, music, fitness, psychology, creativity, spirituality and philanthropy.
To be short I am a simple girl who loves Coffee, Cloudy skies, Music and Driving. I love to hear from you! If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me using this form.
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