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Foods to Detoxify and Cleanse Body Naturally

Why do we need to Detox and Cleanse?

These days our diets are full of chemical preservatives, additives and toxins which may cause several issues in a healthy body, like fatigue, muscle ache, joint pains, constipation, sinus congestion, foul smelling stools, bad breath, rashes on skin, eczema, sleep problems, food cravings, heart burn, trouble losing weight, bloating, puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes etc., because of which our liver function is disturbed and intestine is loaded with crap and we encounter small, yet serious underlying health issues.

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Skin Care Tips and Easy Home Remedies

What happens to our skin in winter?

Winter affect our day to day life and also play a role in our skin’s appearance. Extreme Weather condition can damage your skin. In winters, the wind is Dry and weather is chilly. The moisture in air is much less than what our skin requires.

For every degree drop in temperature, the body produces 10% less oil and moisture (opposite to what happens in summer). The water is lost from our skin cells leaving it extremely dry and tight and the adverse affects are

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Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss

To begin with let us first look into the term Intermittent Fasting, it comprises of two words “Intermittent” and “Fasting”. The dictionary meaning of “Intermittent” is – Fragmentary, Discontinuous or Occurring at regular intervals and “Fasting” is simply abstaining from all or some kind of food or drink. (Many religions practice fasting, common in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity).

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