10 Best Foods to Eat on an Empty Stomach

Every morning is a new opportunity to create your own sunshine. To maintain a healthy body and mind we should eat certain food items on an empty stomach and during the breakfast to keep ourselves fit. First things first, always drink a glass of water after waking up to kick start your metabolism. Here is the list of 10 best foods to eat on an empty stomach.

Green tea benefits

1. Green Tea

Green Tea should be the first beverage you must consume every morning. Green Tea boosts mood and metabolism, being rich in antioxidants, it helps in fighting free radicals and delays ageing. Moreover Green tea has zero calories so good for weight loss as well. Consume it warm.

Oat meal benefits

2. Oatmeal

Oats are well known for their rich source of fibre which helps in controlling the cholesterol level. It helps in creating a protective coating around the lining of stomach which prevents the gastric acids (hydrochloric acid) from corroding or damaging the stomach walls.

Benefits of Egg

3. Eggs

Eggs are the most inexpensive food item one can afford. Egg whites being rich source of proteins and vitamin B2 and less amount of fat, the egg white is rich in Selenium, Vitamin D and essential minerals.
Benefits of Honey

4. Honey

With increase in the level of “FELL GOOD” hormone Serotonin, honey helps in boosting the brain activity. Organic Honey when taken with luke warm lime water on an empty stomach can do wonders by eliminating toxins and consuming the honey in its natural form acts as a good substitute for processed sugars because of its sweetening properties.

Benefits of Nuts

5. Nuts

Almonds and walnuts are filled with healthy nutrients and improves the digestive health. Nuts normalize the pH level in your stomach and don’t irritate it. They are good source of healthy essential fatty oils. Next time, add sufficient amount of nuts into your bowl of cereals.

Water melon benefits

6. Watermelon

Due to the higher level of medical compound “Lycopene” watermelon is good for the health of the eyes, heart and digestion. Provides good amount of fluid to your body.


7. Papaya

“Papain” compound in papaya helps in burning fat, scavenging the free radicals and helps to get rid of excessive water from body. Prevents bloating and helps to relieve constipation.

corn meal porridges

8. Cornmeal Porridge

It is the “Gluten free” grain rich in fibre. Excellent to quick start your day by filling your stomach and very easy to digest. Keep you full for a longer periods. Salted or Sweet flavored both have same benefits.

Benefits of Apple

9. Apples

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away is an age old saying because of the numerous benefits it provides when eaten on regular basis. It contains water and insoluble fibre which fill up the stomach without contributing any calories. Apple is a good healthy snack to munch at anytime of day.


10. Blueberries

Blueberries helps in improving the memory and also helpful in regulating the blood pressure. Aids in digestion and improving metabolism.

Other sources

Whole grain bread without yeast, and if you have heartburn or indigestion issues then it’s good to have some dairy like a slice of cheese in your whole grain bread sandwich or with some crackers and skimmed milk for your bowl of cereals.

15-20 minutes of light exercise or Cardio or a simple walk in fresh air in the morning helps in strengthening of the body and fighting anxiety and other ailments. Keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy foods, have an active lifestyle and Stay Fit.

Note – Avoid consuming Citric fruits on an empty stomach

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