Flat Belly Drink Recipe

Fat, especially around your lower abdomen is the most stubborn one to shift. Even after exercising regularly and following a balanced diet plan it might be disheartening to see fat around your lower abdomen. We present you the flat belly drink recipe that will help you reduce the overall body fat.

Flat belly drink will be prepared with Eggplant( Brinjal ), Cucumber and Lemons, so let’s take a look at their health benefits first.


Eggplant reduces belly fat

Eggplant is highly beneficial to health, it is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rich in vitamin E which helps in blood circulation, It is rich in potassium and low in sodium, it cleanses the body and lowers blood sugar lever and cholesterol.



Lemon reduces belly fat

Lemon flushes out toxins and cleanses the body, all citrus fruits including Lemon are rich in pectin, a dietary fiber that reduces hunger cravings and cleanses the colon. The lemon peel is rich in Polyphenols, which is effective in suppressing fat and weight gain.



Cucumber reduces belly fat

Cucumbers are extremely refreshing, low in calories, zero fat, rich in fiber and contains approximately 96% water. Flushes out toxins and boosts your metabolism, protects you from bloating and water retention. Research shows that the saponins and flavonoids in the Cucumber reduces glucose levels, and bad Cholesterol by 86%1)https://www.banglajol.info/index.php/JSR/article/view/10252.

Flat Belly Drink Recipe

  • Egg plant
  • Cucmber
  • 3 lemons
  • 1 ltr water and a Jug

Wash and dry your ingredients.

  1. Cut the eggplant into half an inch thick slices.
  2. Cut 1 lemon and Cucumber into slices
  3. Now place the eggplant, cucumber, and lemon slices( slices of 1 lemon) in the jug and squeeze the other 2 lemons.
  4. Add 1 ltr of water , stir well and refrigerate it overnight. which results in eggplant, lemon and cucumber infused into the water. Drink the infused water before meals.

Benefits of infused water

  • Infused water tastes good and has zero calories
  • Reduces hunger cravings, you’ll reach satiety much quicker and won’t feel compelled to eat much
  • Water cleanses and flushes out toxins and metabolic wastes from your body
  • Infused water is the healthiest way to lose weight quickly

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1. https://www.banglajol.info/index.php/JSR/article/view/10252

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