How to Attract Positive Energy in Life?

Your visions will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes – Carl Jung

Hey !

Do you often feel neglected by your loved ones?

Do you often look for self validations from others?

Do you feel low or stressed at your work place or home?

Are you insecure about your new job or your looks?

Are you always complaining about your life, the money you have and your health?

If “Yes” then most probably you are attracting too much of negativity in your life, You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions determine your actions and your actions attract the energy that surrounds you, so basically you become what you give power to in your life.

How can I attract more positivity in my life ??

1. Self Reflection

Self Reflection is the most important step to attain anything in Life.

You should ask your self some basic questions like am I waking up in the morning ready to take on the day?

Am I putting enough efforts to improve my health or my relationships or lifestyle?

Am I using my money, time and mind in right direction? Is this the life I always dreamed of? Am I honest to myself?

Am I thinking negative about myself and everyone around me all the time?

When was the last time I felt happy from inside?

Your honest answers will help you to attain self awareness and self regulation, they will give you the  ability to understand your emotions, strengths, weakness and recognize their impact in your life and the others.

2. Identification

Self reflection leads to the identification of your problems and negativity that you entertain in your life. Reflection can be a long process, take your own time according to your your preferences and try to identify the root of the present scenario in your life.

3. Creating Positivity


Creating more Positive changes is the key to attract more positive energy in your life. Try to eliminate thoughts that aren’t positive, use positive affirmations all the time, keep a track of your achievements and cultivate a sense of appreciation every time you accomplish something, direct your thoughts to evoke a sense of strength and success every time and mostly, believe that you will succeed.


4. A Promise

Start your day with a positive attitude by promising yourself that you will live your life that feels right to you and not the one that looks right to others. Promise yourself that you will attain a life of happiness, health and prosperity everyday,

5. Positive people

Surround yourself with positive people. Those who think you are an under achiever and always point out at your flaws, those who never acknowledge your love your hard work you put in work and relationships and never compliment you should be left behind because you can’t expect to live a positive life if you always hang out with negative people. Cutting out negative people from your life doesn’t mean you hate them it simply means you respect yourself more.

6. Focus on Solutions rather than Problems

After identifying the problem areas you should focus on the solutions and don’t let your mind to wander towards the negative which prompts it to focus more on problems than solutions. Change the things that doesn’t work in your favour and gradually build the successive steps to reach towards the solutions to your problems.

7. Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more positivity in your life. The positive affirmations are the statements repeated to oneself for the positive reinforcement, always remember that you create your own thoughts and you set your own limitations so always be kind and grateful towards what you already have in your life.

8. Don’t give away your powers

When you criticize or judge or blame others you choose to focus on what they are doing wrong or what’s wrong with them and you give those people the power to control your mind and mood
You should try to focus on the good in everything instead.

9. Don’t worry too much

You can always share your problems with your loved ones with your friends and family. Exercising, brisk walk, Yoga, meditation and listening to your favourite music can always help. Worrying about the past will never change the present or your future.

10. Smile often without Reason 🙂

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