The Hazards of Bottled Water

Bottle water risks are more than just a minor issue of plastic water bottles on health, though keeping yourself hydrated is essential, bottled water is more destructive to health and environment, here are few things You must know about the hazards of Bottled Water.

Why is bottled water bad for the Environment

Global hazards of plastic water bottle

2.7 Million Tons of global annual amount of plastic used to produce water and carbonated water bottles, and most of this plastic ends up in landfills.


1.7 Billion Rand, the estimated market value of South Africa’s bottled water market, this figure is expected to increase at a staggering rate.


Added Chemicals, about 40 percent of all bottled water starts as tap water, to which minerals and other chemicals and flavours are added.


Not Safer than Tap Water, the bottled water industry has less stringent testing policies than governmental agencies which require rigorous testing of tap water.


22.5 Billion Vuvuzelas 1)a long horn blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa. the equivalent number of vuvuzelas one could create with the amount of plastic used to produce water and carbonated water bottles.

5x water

5X Water to Produce, each bottle requires nearly 5 times it’s volume in water to manufacture and there is no evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap water.

global count

22 Million Tons, the global amount of carbonated bottled water consumed outside its country of origin. This results in massive transportation and environmental damage.


17 Million barrels of oil are used to produce water, that’s 340 million gallons of gasoline every year.


Increased Pollution, 77 percent of bottles produced worldwide are not recycled and end up in landfill sites.


Only 1 in 5 bottles are recycled all around the world, the other 4 contributes to the 3 billion pounds of plastic water bottles added to land fills and end up in oceans each year.

It’s Up To You To Change The World

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1.a long horn blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa.

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